Obamacare And Obamacare and Sick Around America

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Obamacare And Obamacare and Sick Around America

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“The Affordable Care Act”
One of the most concise and profound explanation of the Obamacare was a video published by the Kaiser Health Reform Source (2010) in YouTube. The video started by enumerating the current problems of the system. First money, because most of people believe that availing health insurance is expensive. The second problem is the fact that the system itself is full of holes (e.g. people with pre-existing health conditions) can be turned down by the insurance health company. The last problem concerns the growing number of American people affected by different sickness. Combining these three problems, Obama passed the Affordable Care Act. This Act also referred as the “Obamacare” is an attempt of the government to solve the existing problems of the American health care system. This Act does not only aim to make the health care affordable to constituents but to transform radically the mode of delivery and payment of health care (Battistella 622). According to Kaiser’s Health Reform Source (2010), 3 out of 10 Americans believe that the health care reform will make us better off. However, a similar ratio says the reform will make us worse off, and the same ratio contends it will not make much difference.
The Obamacare can be hardly considered liberal because it does not aaccentuate the interest of free and autonomous individuals. As a matter of fact, the Act obliged the institutions, big and small, to cover…

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