NYPD and Latinos

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NYPD and Latinos

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NYPD and Latinos
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NYPD and Latinos
The police are one of the units that citizens greatly depend on for protection within their different societies. Civilians expect equal treatment from the police at all times despite differences in culture, economic background and most importantly racial differences. In the recent times, the police have been in the limelight for many cases of racial profiling. Many people tend to think that racial profiling is only against the Black community (Weitzer & Tuch, 2002). However, with the rising events, Latinos have found themselves cornered by police officers. Latinos have faced the police brutal acts where the police beat them up, arrest them for no valid reasons, and shoot them in some cases. Therefore, Latinos, have risen to these inhumane acts in various ways such as protesting both day and night and even highlighting the cases in different media platforms.
Latinos have taken to the streets in protests as a way of addressing law enforcement policies after emerging cases of racial brutality by the police. A good example is the case of a 17-year –old teenage girl, Jessica Hernandez, shot to death on 22 January in the year 2015 by two police officers, Gabriel Jordan and Daniele Greene. Jessica was driving when the two officers fired four gunshots at her left side. The bullets hit the girl’s heart, lung, and hip thus leading to her tragic death (Hensley, 2015). The police department stated that H…

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