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NVIDIA is a leading company in the GPU industry. The company has stood the test of time in being the leading market player in comparison to its two main competitors, Intel and AMD. The firm has put in place measure to ensure its dominance in the market. The company has a diversified assortment of graphics processor units (GPUs) from the late 20 century and the start of the 21st century. The firm has over the past decade has explored diverse technologies in the fields of accelerated computing and artificial intelligence (AI). This paper presents a business perspective of the strategic position with a brief analysis of the history and how the company is well positioned in the market. Also, this paper presents a SWOT analysis and a PESTEL analysis to forge amicable recommendations that the company needs to enact to remain as a leader in the market share and also gain a competitive advantage and a competitive age over the leading competitors. Reports reveal that the company has been fairing on well in performance within the recent years. The paper, however, irrespective of the tremendously good performance proposes some recommendations to the company so that it can even perform much better in the market share index.
Keywords: graphics processor units (GPU), virtual reality, competitive advantage

Companies need to maintain a competitive advantage so that they can stay up in the market and continue thriv…

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