Nutrition and Diet Article review

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Nutrition and Diet Article review

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Mahmudur R Khan
Professor: Mary Noonan
Course: Human Nutrition
Dina, K., & Dina, R. (2015). Raw Food Nutrition Handbook, the: An Essential Guide to
Understanding Raw Food Diets. Healthy Living Publications.
This book consists of peer-reviewed research which focuses mainly on eating raw foods. The book helps the reader to understand the various nutritional differences that exist between plant-based diet, a raw and a standard western diet. The book does not require a person to know about nutrition, but instead, it equips a person with the basic of nutrition. The book stipulates the various nutrients that are found in raw foods and are essential to the body.
Jacobs Jr, D. R., Gross, M. D., & Tapsell, L. C. (2009). Food synergy: an operational
concept for understanding nutrition–. The American journal of clinical nutrition,
89(5), 1543S-1548S.
This journal is important to my nutritional topic since it helps in the understanding of the various health benefits that a person gets by putting together a synergistic dietary pattern. The book helps in the understanding as to why constituents delivered by food that is taken directly from their biological environment tend to have different effects and nutrients as compared to those gotten through technological processing.
Jensen, B. (1993). Foods that Heal: A Guide to Understanding and Using the Healing
Powers of Natural Foods. Penguin.
-691117182880000This book is important in helping deal with my topic of …

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