Nursing Supported Legislation

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Nursing Supported Legislation

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Nursing Supported Legislation
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Bill of Governing Health Policy Commission; Bill number H1681/S615
The Bill of Governing Health Policy Commission is an act formulated to govern this commission, and it comprises the presentation of nurses (Khan& Donoghue, 2018). This bill further states that any nurse appointed to work in this commission must work for five years before being absorbed formally. It also stipulates that the following be undertaken or be possible;
The bill seeks to see that nurses’ views and desires are voiced and that when it comes to making important life decisions, their opinions will always be consulted.
The bill will foster professionalism and see to it that each and every practising nurse works ethically and relate with each other in the same way.
It will ascertain for the security of tenure in the nursing profession and the commission itself because it has an ultimatum that one must be absorbed after the five year probation period.
To ensure that there are transparency and accountability in the nursing profession and its substitutive commissions.
The bill will be tasked with setting the cost for offering health care services and how to come with a benchmark for growing the field.
To ensure that the standards and needs of the patients and stakeholders are met.
This bill will impact the nursing profession more so this policy commission in the sense that they will be able to offer quality care to their patients as …

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