Nursing Supported Legislation

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Nursing Supported Legislation

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Advocacy and Leadership

Using Professional Nurses Organizations
One way to promote nurses’ support is through professional nursing organizations. They play a significant role in advocating for nursing practice. People are stronger in such organizations since they can air their concerns and ensure they get to the relevant authorities. These nursing organizations organize events involving nurses, where they get to interact with each other and share their views on specific issues among themselves. Sometimes, nurses get so much less pay than they deserve. In such cases, these nursing organizations voice this issue before such a situation creates a crisis in the way nurses work and conduct their business.
These professional nursing organizations also give the nurses an opportunity to identify and deal with emergent issues in the profession of nursing. Nursing, like every other field in the world, is an evolving practice, especially with the advent of technology in the last few decades. Having these professional bodies allows nurses to keep up with the trends that could improve their practice. It is also an opportunity to acquire new certifications upon taking training that promotes their practices (Catallo, Spalding, & Haghiri-Vijeh, 2014).
Legislation and making of laws and advocacy are closely related. Nurses, through organized groups, have the power to influence legislation and the formulation of policies. These orga…

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