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Nursing Revised

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Week 2: Caring Concepts in Nursing
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Caring Concepts in Nursing
Constant transformations within the field of healthcare have raised demands and accountabilities on the nursing career. In spite of these changes, the nursing professionals are obliged to keep the art of caring to be the priority (Papathanasiou, Sklavou & Kourkouta, 2013). As a result, the delineation of caring that goes hand in hand with my viewpoint when caring is concerned is that from Duffy (2015), which outlines caring as a range of moral acts and attitude besides common values and actions that are knowledge-based and are directed by human-to-human relationships. My perception of the idea of caring is that it is a considerate, empathetic and sympathetic feeling that is directly associated with the predicament of other humans. I think caring is a response to what other individuals are going through, combined with a strong desire to physically or emotionally offer support to those in need. In my area of study, I selected masters of nursing education program. This area requires the application of holistic nursing and its principles for it to succeed.
As an educator, I will work with my students to ensure they are well-versed with the adequate knowledge that will enable them to handle patients well since facilitating students to assimilate what they learn in class into practice is imperative (Oermann, 2015). Competent nurses will not only provide their patien…

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