Nursing Research

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Nursing Research

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Nursing Research
Nursing Research
Research has a significant impact on education and health policy. Such is because research is a process that validates and improves existing knowledge in an effort to improve nursing practices (Grove, Gray & Burns, 2015). Baccalaureate knowledge is important in critical appraisal of knowledge and synthesis of research in an effort towards changing practices. Nurses develop relevant experience through the careful examination of evidence in an effort to improve clinical practices and promote quality outcomes. Reading research reports and synthesis of outcomes are thereby essential in the implementation of evidence-based intervention and practices.The development of knowledge on nursing is possible through research and influences nursing education, administration, and service provision. Consequently, nurses are able to develop and improve quality care methods which are cost effective and safe. These efforts, in turn, improve the productivity and retention of nurses. The evidence generated is thereby used in the improvement of practices, especially on patient satisfaction. Clinical experience is also crucial in the development of applicable expertise in the judgment of the available evidence. The endeavors consider the value and needs of the patient. Some of the patient needs include healthcare, disease prevention, management, rehabilitation and comfortable death.
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