Nursing Program Admission Essay

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Nursing Program Admission Essay

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Admission Essay
The Nursing program and I possess a similar vision. I desire to enter the program in your institution due to the great heritage that provides a suitable environment for learning. However, the Institution offers the Bachelors of Science in nursing which is core in my area of expertise. Additionally, the program aims at providing the nursing care to the society which is my passion. The Nursing program also incorporates other social and health disciplines regarding the provision of critical care to the patients.
The program, however, provides clinical competency which is a salient aspect regarding my application for admission. The research activities concerning the program also provide the learners with advanced skills in the domain of nursing (Andersson and Lindgren 87). Nursing care is my driving force in connection with the application for the Bachelors of Nursing program.
My core values are discipline, integrity and patient care which enhances the provision of coordinated patient care. Besides, I care too much for the individuals, and I aim at providing solutions to the nursing challenges. I have prolific interpersonal skills, and I value cultural diversity. I am also a great listener who appreciates other participant’s opinions.
Despite the academic interest, I like meditating on the ocean during leisure time. I also have interest in interior decoration and reading books regarding the human anatomy. One…

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