Nursing Profession 2

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Nursing Profession 2

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Professional Nursing Practice
Saidatu Kamara
Western Governors University
A. Tran culture nursing theory
The Trans culture nursing theory has greatly influenced my value as a nurse since I have known the different ways to interact with different patients who come for treatment from different cultural backgrounds. It is my aim to familiarize with different cultural beliefs as much as possible since I am also interested in making new friends in different parts of the world (Leininger, 2013). On the other hand, knowing different cultural beliefs makes me work with ease when it comes to handling a patient from a particular culture that I am familiar with. The nurses, however, apply this theory to treatment and handling a patient without causing much irritation to them. Once the nurse is much diversified in the cultural understanding of several cultures, s/he has limited difficulties on helping the patient, and therefore the nurse would be in a position to tell the mood changes that the patient wears when undergoing the treatment process (Leininger, 2013). Similarly, the nurse uses these cultural differences to interpret the rate at which the patient feels pain or suffers in general.
The Transcultural nursing theory fits the profession of nursing since it enlightens the nurse to a diversified mind and to be able to medicate patients from all over the country and even in the entire world rather than being confined to work in a single community because of limited diversity…

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