Nursing Process

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Nursing Process

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Nursing Process
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Nursing Process
Chapter 15
Critical Thinking Steps
Critical thinking is done in three steps. Step one is recognizing that an issue exists, for example a patient problem. Step two is analyzing information concerning the issue, for instance, the clinical data about a patient, and step three is evaluating information, which involves reviewing the evidence and assumptions, and making conclusions (Potter & Perry, 2016).
Chapter 17
The purpose of using a formal nursing diagnosis statement
A formal diagnosis statement gives a precise definition of the patient’s problem, thus, providing a nurse and the entire care team a common language for understanding the needs of the patient. Second, the statement enables nurses to communicate the activities they are doing among themselves, with other healthcare practitioners and the general public. Third, it distinguishes the role of the nurse from that of a physician or other healthcare practitioners. Fourth, it helps nurses in focusing on the scope of the nursing as a practice. Fifth, it promotes knowledge development in nursing. Finally, it facilitates the establishment of guidelines of practice that depict the significance of nursing (Potter & Perry, 2016).
Importance of identifying “related to” factors.
Associated “related to” factors allow for the individualization of diagnosis for a particular patient by providing contexts for the defining characteris…

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