nursing my future career

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nursing my future career

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4th December 2015
Nursing My Future Career
A Career in Critical Care Nursing
A career in Nursing is one of the noblest and important profession for the service of mankind. After passing out from a college with knowledge of clinical sciences and health care a degree in Nursing is highly appreciable and rewarding. The field of critical care is advancing day by day and the scope of critical nursing is widening up too. Nursing in the critical care set ups is highly challenging and exciting. In these units, patients’ come with diverse health care needs and are very critical. A delay in care, a deviation of care or inappropriate care may increase the incidences of morbidity and mortality in patients (Villanova University 23-31). Moreover practicing in critical care set ups, demands updated nursing and clinical knowledge of the patients’ physical condition (Scott 9).
Critical Care Nurses provides interventions and nursing care to individuals who suffer from cardiac attacks, stroke, and life-threatening infections, febrile conditions, drug overdose and trauma. The field also provides an opportunity to intervene the patient with certain pharmacological or non-pharmacological interventions, which are permitted to be administered by nursing personnel. Recovery and management of a patient in critical care units have been correlated with the promptness and evidenced based care, extended by the health ca…

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