Nursing Leadership Reflection Paper

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Nursing Leadership Reflection Paper

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Nurse Leadership
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Provision of necessary healthcare services in the nursing domain is a compelling attribute for the healthcare settings. Nursing is a critical profession in service delivery relating to medical care to the patients. However, leadership traits are essential in the nursing domain to improve service delivery. Aspects such as teamwork are an integral part of success in nursing. In the paper, it focuses on Jeanine Frumenti an RN nurse leader who inspires in the healthcare setting. Jeanine has established leadership roles in New York, and various qualities identify her success as a nurse leader (Player & Burns, 2015).
Leadership domains are apparent in the paper as well as the leadership models for nurse leadership. Leadership aspects are fundamental in the area of the Advanced Nursing Practice. Qualities such as innovativeness, activism as well as mentoring are core in nursing leadership. The respect for cultural diversity and work setting controversy are also apparent in the paper. Jeanine Frumenti is a nurse leader who was a good leader in various hospital settings. The qualities of the nurse leader have similarities to the features available in the book. Professional leadership is an apparent aspect of the nursing leadership. It deals with empowering others and enhancing team work.
Nurse Leadership
The mentorship attribute for the professional enhancement is vital for the issue of healthcare s…

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