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Part 1
End of life care normally involves assisting individuals in their final phase of life. The stage is often characterized by a wide range of considerations including psychosocial, spiritual, family, and community to provide the best care. Being nursing practitioners, we must ensure that we are in a position to cater for the wishes required by the patient (Houben et al., 2014). In such cases, a patient in their final phase of life may need family members for comfort and a chaplain to assist with the spiritual life. Further, a social worker may be present to provide the patient’s essential needs to make them comfortable. Also, a person may be present to record the patient’s events and wishes. More importantly, nurses should provide services that will leave a positive mark on the family members as they will be the final memories of their loved ones (Houben et al., 2014). A thorough assessment of the patient’s condition is vital, and nurses should be highly responsive to the changing status of the patient. Comforting the family is also a significant nursing role during the death process.
Part 2
Often, nurses are challenged to learn how the aspect of cultural diversity can affect the process of patient care. Being aware of the cultural variations existing among patients and care providers may play a significant part in making effective care decisions (Mikkonen et al., 2016). As a nurse, it is paramount to respect a patient’s culture an…

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