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Nursing Essay Outline

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The paper focuses on quality indicators in trauma surgery. According to the paper, quality indicators enhance the performance of a healthcare practitioner by establishing standards of quality services within health care institutions. Trauma surgery is an area of specialty that is very demanding because of the high risk involved especially during the post-surgery period. Having good quality indicators ensures that practitioners maintain high levels of quality services and protect patients from infections and other health implications (Examples of Hospital Quality Measures for Consumers, 2015). Quality indicators are evidence-based measures that are used for the measurement of outcomes and performance of health care practitioners and thus play a critical role in ensuring that the highest standards of health care are maintained by providing safe, patient-centered, timely and effective care. According to the paper, having quality indicators helps enhance the work of a nurse by providing guidelines for quality services. Patients are thus well taken care of, and the chances of post-surgery complications are significantly reduced (Farquhar, 2018)
There are different types of quality indicators which deal with the general aspect of quality care and enhancing patient’s safety. These indicators represent different measures, and they include effectiveness measures, patient safety measures, equity measurers, …

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