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Nursing Essay

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Performance metrics

Performance metrics
Why metrics focus on the needs of the customers
The statement “Metrics must focus upon customer needs and expectations” implies that organizations must prioritize the needs of the customers to increase profitability. The consumers ultimately determine the profits that a business can make in a trading year. Therefore, the quote asserts that managers should develop systems that revolve around the satisfaction of the final consumers. Satisfied customers usually make more orders from a company, and that increases the sales (Coyle, Langley, Novack, & Gibson, 2016). On the contrary, consumers that become displeased with the supply chain of an organization will unlikely make future purchases, and that reduces the profit margins of a company.
The customers can play an essential aspect in the supply chain metrics by providing feedback. Responses to the services offered by a company will allow the management to assess the quality of the services and improve them accordingly. For example, customers that complain about the late deliveries will enable the organization to enact new and faster ways of delivering various products to the consumers (Coyle, Langley, Novack, & Gibson, 2016). Subsequently, the feedback provided dictates the changes made by a company that strives to increase customer’s satisfaction.
Role of employees in the development of performance metrics
The employees con…

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