Nursing and Statistics

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Nursing and Statistics

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Nursing and Statistics
Nursing and Statistics
When most people think of nursing the last thing they usually think of is statistics. However the use of statistics has become a very important part of nursing today. Consider the following quote: “Systematically collecting, analyzing, interpreting, disseminating, and using health data is essential to understanding the health status of a population, to assessing progress, and to planning effective prevention programs. Therefore, data are the foundation of Healthy People objectives” CITATION USD00 l 1033 (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2000). Health data is a massively growing field. The pure number of statistics that are collected today is quite breathtaking. It is now nurses’ job to utilize this vast array of data to better patients out comes. The data is particularly important for nurses to understand the spread of diseases, to understand the prevalence of certain diseases and to correlate symptoms with probably causes. Taken as a whole, health data and statistical analysis is a valuable tool for nurses today.
The data is usually always discrete in nature. That is a finite point or measurement, like for example the average blood pressure by state in the United States. The data is often aggregated, like the data type just mentioned; that is the data is averaged and not necessarily just individual data. Thought individual raw data can also be used. The data is usually discrete and in the form of …

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