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There are various career options in nursing. It makes it easier for learners to choose a career path that suits their interest, passion, and goals. When one practices what he/she loves, it boosts confidence in being able to attend to patients. This paper provides the different nurse career options and what makes being a CRNA appealing.
They include Certified Dialysis Nurse, legal nurse consultant, nurse midwife, nurse educator, and Nurse Anesthetist. A certified Dialysis Nurse help patients with health problems related to the kidney. To be a certified dialysis nurse, one needs to have cared for dialysis and nephrology patients for at least 2,000 hours (Perry et al. 35). Additionally, he/she should have passed relevant certification tests. A legal nurse consultant uses knowledge and expertise in the healthcare system to provide consultancy services regarding medical lawsuits. Apart from passing certification tests, one needs a registered nurse license.
A midwife nurse provides care to pregnant women before birth and help in delivering babies. Also, he/she gives care to both mother and child after birth (Perry et al. 36). A nurse educator designs and implements education programs used to train universities, teaching schools, and universities. A nurse anaesthetist administers anaesthesia to a patient (Perry et al 37). He/she monitors patient recovery, stabilisation, and pain management. The role involves collaboration with su…

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