Nuclear Power

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Nuclear Power

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Nuclear Power
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Nuclear power forms part of the largest sources of low-carbon energy internationally. Precisely, it accounts for about 11% of the world’s energy. The first commercial generation of nuclear energy dates back to the 1950s, the period after the Second World War. Over the past six decades, the production of nuclear energy has expanded significant especially in the developed world with almost sixteen countries depending entirely on this form of power as their primary source of electricity. The generation of energy through nuclear power has proved to be environmentally-friendly as it minimizes the release of carbon and other greenhouse gases. When compared to other sources of electricity, nuclear power more efficient, reliable, and encompasses low maintenance. Regardless of these benefits, the use of nuclear energy has raised significant environmental and safety concerns related to disposal of nuclear wastes, radiation, and increased risk of calamities. So far, there have been three major calamities in the plants of Fukushima, Chernobyl, and Three Mile Island. Irrespective of these concerns, evidence over sixty years demonstrates nuclear power as the safest means of electricity production.
Keywords: Nuclear power, electricity, energy, greenhouse gases, environment, safety

Nuclear Power
Nuclear technology is often associated with induced or spontaneous nuclei conversions. When released during fission, e…

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