Now That’s Funny! or Not…

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Now That’s Funny! or Not…

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Cartoons in Healthcare Policies
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The first cartoon was published on the U.S.News website on the 16th November 2017, at 5:18 p.m. it is titled as ‘cartoons on Obamacare versus Trumpcare. It depicts Ryan, the speaker of the house and his interaction with ACA. According to the cartoon, Ryan uses a language that is excessively complex to address healthcare. The patient, therefore, does not understand and asks the third party.
The cartoon expresses the insincerity behind political sides in defining the challenges affecting the health care system. To achieve the perhaps selfish interests, the legislators use language that is confusing to the citizens. The real concerned party is, therefore, able to synthesize the information communicated. I agree with this stand. The politicization of the health care bill makes supporters view it only based on their political affiliations. However, this is not necessary. The facts about ACA can be laid out in simple terms like the second person does. This way, the citizens can support or reject the ACA objectively.
This cartoon represents the real situation as it is. ACA has been politicized since its inception. Perhaps this is expected because every Act is proposed by one party and therefore subject to criticism from the other party. However, when it is the quality of the life of the Americans at risk, there should be more harmony in towards exploring chances for the best result. It is the American c…

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