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Ethics in Business
Institution Affiliation
Pretend all you know about this case is what is written in the article above. Answer the following questions taking account of the ethical concerns raised:
What kind of person is Ms. Miller? Why do you say this? (5 marks)
Ms. Miller is a law-abiding employee who sticks by the ethical code of conduct that is governing the workplace where she works. Miller ensured that the bag to Kingston business was not opened in their absence and therefore, resulting in the postponement of the date in which content would be opened and recorded (Thompson, 2011). Secondly, she follows what is expected in the law when got the dismissal letter from the management without any argument.
What actions do you agree with in this case? Why do you say this? (5 marks)
The response that I agree with is that of the panel that orders for the reinstating of Ms. Miller. It was in order for Ms. Miller to be reinstated since she was not given a notice concerning her dismissal (Thompson, 2011). And also, the main reason for Miller’s dismissal that was provided by the management was contradicting information that they indicated in the dismissal letter. For instance, Miller was dismissed due to the continued failure while in the panel the management stated that she was dismissed because of negligence.
What actions do you disagree with in this case? Why do you say this? (5 marks)
I disagree with the action that was taken by the management to…

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