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Extraneous variables may influence the dependent variable. In what ways do researchers attempt to control extraneous variables? Support your answer with the current literature.
Extraneous variables are other variables that remain excluded from the independent or dependent variables. They are often undesirable and influence the relationship between the variables that are being tested, therefore, affecting the overall outcome of the experiment. There are several types of confounding variables which include situational variables for instance noise and environmental temperature. Participant variables include previous knowledge or a personal characteristic that could influence the results. Researchers control extraneous variables through standardized procedures and random assignment methods CITATION Ken16 l 1033 (Cherry, 2016). Standardized procedures involve choosing the independent and dependent variables in the same conditions as possible to enable unbiased feedback. Random experiments include giving the variables equal chances to stay assigned and utilized in the investigation. The method reduces the likelihood of using personal decisions to choose the participants in the experiment CITATION Ken16 l 1033 (Cherry, 2016). Some extraneous variables are difficult to observe. Therefore, many types of research imply statistical techniques to control the variables.
Most researchers use the random assignment methods during their studies as it not only eliminates extraneous variab…

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