Northern Africa or Westwrn Asia

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Northern Africa or Westwrn Asia

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In the article “Shots Fired at Protest as Officials Unable to Ease Water Shortage Crisis in Iran’s Khuzestan Province” by the Center for Human Rights in Iran, the author explains about ongoing water issues in the county. More particularly, the article indicates that despite Khuzestan being the main oil producer region in Iran, residents experience difficulties accessing clean water for consumption and other purposes. Nearly 97 percent of the county is experiencing draught problems resulting to severe water shortages and rationing throughout different parts. Moreover, the region is more underprivileged economically than other places in the nation.
Although oil is an important asset in Iran that has made significant economic contributions to the country, access to clean water and possession of tillable land remains more important to many than any amount of oil (Nijman et al., 209). Evidently, despite Khuzestan being rich with oil, availability of clean water appears to be more important to the residents that they resort to protests to have their needs met. Also, as Nijman et al. notes, the country’s wealth resulting from oil is distributed unequally among citizens. In particular, only about 100,000 workers out of over 20 million employees work within the energy-related industry (210). Also compared to Turkey, an energy-poor state, Iranians earned 60 percent less per month in 2014 which was about $448 (Nijman et al., 210). T…

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