Normative Ethics Revised

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Normative Ethics Revised

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Normative ethics
Normative ethics produces the best solutions for the moral principles for an individual to make decisions on what is wrong or right. Although according to peer review, the Supreme Being holds the moral law and can progress forward through their rational thought, the normative ethics is morally required by the commands of God. Socrates questions Euthyphro on the prosecution of his father even if he has been tasked by the gods. Whereas the prosecution of a person for a crime brings ethical dilemma in society, the individual should not treat themselves above the other members of the society because God’s actions go against the unethical actions.
According to the review, the world morality exists separate with that of God. However, the command of God explains the ethical actions since the law of nature guides society to act in a moral manner. For instance, the questioning of Plato reveals that world morality is separate from God. Nevertheless, God’s command is the final and explains ethical actions. Therefore, ethical morals cannot be separated from God. The law of nature describes all the virtues of God thus the contribution of human to the normative ethics requires reasoning and speculations through revelation that leads to the correct form of ethics (Shelly). Also, the ability to rationalize reveals the moral code that suits the law of nature.
The review argues that one can live an ethical life if …

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