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DCIPS Bullets
Performance Objective 1: Logistics Planning
I maximized the use of all available airlift assets; contributing to the movement of 138 passengers and cargo for an overall cost-avoidance of 21 million dollars for JIATFS and its Force Providers in FY18 in accordance with performance element number 3 which requires critical thinking. In accordance with performance elements 3, 4, 5, and 6, which require critical thinking, engagement and collaboration, personal leadership and integrity, and technical expertise respectively, I have as a new hire with JIATFS, hit the ground running by taking over all the large aircraft missions and also the getting the smaller aircraft missions when required. In adherence to the first performance element which requires accountability for results, I was responsible for the cost avoidance of 633, 015 dollars for JIATFS and Interagency partners using small military air assets. Once I receive a MILAIR request, I feed into Joint Airlift Logistics Information System and the Single Mobility System within 72 hours of customers’ submissions and complete relevant documentation based upon availability of assets, funding, and legal authority thereby adhering to the second performance element on communication. I coordinate and provide technical support (e.g., diplomatic clearances, loading planning, and flight planning assistance) to MILAIR units providing logistical support for DOD, LEA, DOS, CBP and allied military/civil police agencies partic…

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