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non profit organization

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Epworth Village Retirement Community is a non-profit organization based in Hialeah, Florida. The organization has different centers where professional nursing and assisted living is provided such as their branch at Susanna Wesley Health Centre. Residents of the village are assured of progressive care even after retiring and getting old. It provides the best life for over 200 people from various faiths, interest and background who have opted for Epworth Village as a favorite place for retiring. The village provides a casual, relaxed, home style culture of life that offers autonomous seniors more value for their retirement money through liberty of choice.
Financial analysis of Epworth Village Accounts
Epworth Village Retirement community is a non-profit organization and, therefore, it is not after gaining profit from the public. The organization relies on income and revenue from well-wishers, donors, grants and materials derived from the programs it gets involved in. From its financial statements of 2012, the organization received support from local churches, national support, annual conference, fundraisings, program fees and other miscellaneous sources. As per the reports, the national support contributed a total of 178838.90 dollars, local churches contributed 30082 dollars while the total amount of the annual conference was almost $ 10000. Regrading percentages, the program fees contributed t…

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