Non-injury Accident

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Non-injury Accident

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Non-injury Accident
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Non-Injury Accident
Question a
Recently while I was at home doing some chores, a non-injury accident occurred. I had just finished cleaning the floor when a book cabinet fell over. The cabinet landed on a table that was adjacent to it. The table had some utensil that had been used by my siblings who had just left. All the utensil on the table were broken. The table adjacent to the cabinet also broke. Additionally, there was a beautiful flower vase nearby which was also broken when the cabinet fell. The books on the cabinet were strewn all over the veranda. I was standing a few meters away from where the cabinet was. Although the reading area is a place in our house that is frequented by many people including visitors, there was no one at the point where the cabinet fell. The book cabinet had been in use for a while, and it was the first time such an accident was happening. Improper positioning of the cabinet could have probably caused the accident. It had been restocked with books that morning, and its position was also changed. However, the person who changed the arrangement was not keen to ensure that it was stable.
Question b
The minor incident would have been severe if there were people in the reading area. It would have fallen on them and caused serious injuries. The possible injuries on people would include broken limbs. The cabinet could even have caused death if it fell on a small child and the…

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