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Article 1
It is quite fascinating to view the perspective of the American Revolution in different countries. While in the United States, it is taught as a major in all levels of education, from elementary to college level, in other countries it is only touched on, based on the subject of the French revolution CITATION Eps15 l 1033 (Epstein). The importance to which the event has been given in the United States is not similar to that of other countries. While in some countries like Australia and New Zealand, the subject was not even taught in history, in most countries including the United Kingdom, it is usually interpreted as a basic introduction to the French revolution. This is quite interesting as it shows the interpretation of history is based on the personal perspective of the readers. The success of the American Revolution gives it precedence in education in the United States, and low priority in other countries, mainly the UK, the nation which America was revolting against.
Article 2
There have been numerous interpretations of the underlying cause of the American Revolution. All these interpretations are based on the need for unity in America. Of all the arguments, the most interesting case was the struggle for the class as a reason for the revolution. According to Jensen (47), the revolution was a struggle for class, between the fortunate and the less privileged. With the hopes of developing a class for independence, the war starte…

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