No topic. it’s summary of a chapter of a book.

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No topic. it’s summary of a chapter of a book.

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Trevor Noah’s Narrative
Being born as a half cast, Trevor Noah uses the outsider perspective to his advantage. His existence is from a Swiss father and a black South African woman during the Apartheid laws. The laws never allowed mixed-race relationships and therefore, he was termed as biracial.
The apartheid laws separated children in the schoolyards since children grouped themselves according to their skin color (Rossing 14). However, Noah did not fit in any of the category having established that he was neither black nor white.
Noah was arrested and spend six days in jail for driving a car whose number plates did not match the registration. He had collected a Junker of a vehicle from his father’s garage since he was a mechanic. However, the cops’ pulled him over. He became a businessman in high school where he could supply foods to students from the tuck shops. A tuck-shop is a small food selling retailer for junk foods around school’s premises. According to Trevor Noah, the post-apartheid law should exist based on Sandringham High-school since it only teaches in English and just the white kids were allowed to attend. His job of making money has made him be accepted from all over the world especially the United States. He used his knowledge to bring the American news to South African homes.
Trevor Noah did not belong to any race since his parents were mixed race. However, he used that to his advantage and start…

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