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Increasing cases of chronic conditions
There is an increasing rise in the number of people diagnosed with chronic conditions. These diseases include diabetes, pulmonary conditions, and heart disease. The conditions have proved to be costly due to the long-term management of these conditions. The costs of health care in the country are increasingly being spent on chronic patients. The rise is attributed to the changes that have occurred in the recent past. Individuals are adopting unhealthy lifestyles. Further, the increasing deterioration of the environment brought by industrialization directly affects the health of the people in such areas.
The popularity of fast foods augmented by intensive marketing has contributed to conditions such as obesity and hypertension. Bland, (2014) states that the high-calorie foods will eventually lead to diabetes. Low-cost, fast food is widely available and most preferred by most people. Additionally, the lack of proper preventive measures by both governmental and non-governmental agencies reduces awareness of these conditions. The chronic conditions require long-term use of drugs in addition to lifestyle changes which may prove to be expensive to the patient (Bland, 2014).
As a leader in nursing, the focus on preventive measures against chronic conditions would aid in reducing the cost of healthcare. The assessment of patients and continuous tracking of their health would help in identifying the onset of the chronic diseases. Promoting…

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