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CPGsDefinition of CPGs
CPGs are directives to clinicians which advice on how to handle patients with different specific problems. It is crucial to consider research findings on the best available practices which form the basis of the guidelines. From the above, the concept has two parts which are statements that describe how clinicians should handle patients and an informed review on the evidence of practices used earlier that contribute to coming up with the best guidelines (Shekelle, 2018).
Development of the CPGs
Developing CPGs starts with defining the purpose of the guidelines and identifying the targeted intervention. Writing down the essential clinical objectives of the topic and identification of the targeted patient population follows. The above steps contribute to forecasting the expected advantages or disadvantages that the guidelines might induce. Recognition of the stakeholders and the epidemiology of the topic follows which defines how the proposed guidelines relate to health. The first two steps purpose to develop a basis on which the task force responsible for developing the guidelines will base all their activities. All the other stages except the last one help in ensuring that the procedures will suit well in the targeted audience. The final step will help in identifying how the guidelines relate to healthcare and the objectives of the plan (Kredo et al., 2016).
Uses of CPGs
One application of the CPGs is that it forms a crucial factor while making d…

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