Nineteenth-Century Literature: British and American Authors

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Nineteenth-Century Literature: British and American Authors

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Themes of stanzas five and six in poem Salut au Monde.Introduction
Whitman indicates an insight occurring as an experience beginning in addressing the soul and believing it, not be swayed by others. Then inviting the soul perceiving what is within the environment. As a result, it causes revising, spreading an excitement in the entire body. As the goal the whole body leads to a self-inspiring experience.
The description of the image of the long river can be visualized in the brain. One can imagine how four great rivers of China are. These images explain how Whitman is interested in the aspects of the natural world.The mental picture of trucks of the rail-roads wielding the city and electrical telegrams are examples of imagery explaining the ability of humans to explore the word and become industrious. Recognizing human creativity in the industry is an aspect of world improvement.The theme of the spiritual world is evident by mental images of Christ taking the last supper, biblical expression, illusions, and other religious beliefs explore spirituality. Aspects of the world like rivers change the rhythm to ‘I see’ instead of ‘I hear’ presents the evaluation. The poet can evaluate after witnessing instead of hearing.
Romantic period consisted of an artistic literature and intellectual movement. Themes were focused on nature, spiritual, divines, imaginations and inner experiences.The romantic view…

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