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Nick Saban

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Nick Saban
Nick Saban is considered one of the most successful football coaches in the history of sports. Throughout his career, he has managed to secure up to five national championship titles, and several other sports awards with his team The Crimson Tide. Saban only lost games at the finals, and according to Burke (1), they were just two. At the age of 66, he is still strong and going for a sixth title with Crimson Tide squad.
His success was dictated by his ability to grasp leadership skills and incorporating it into his coaching profession. Some of the leadership skills that made him an incredible leader include his ability to adapt and adjust to whatever challenges came his way. Saban’s childhood was characterized by extreme pressure from his father who was then his football coach. According to Burke (1), Saban’s father mercilessly forced him to improve his performance. He to choose to adapt and adjust instead of quitting. Hence, he emerged as one of the best football players of all time.

Secondly, Saban was always confident with himself and his ideas. This is depicted during his first career job as a secondary coach to Ohio State where he disagreed with the coach on which tactic to implement in the game. Unable to let go his new ideas, he was fired and got to another team and successfully applied his concept. Thirdly, Saban capitalized on the concept of first-impression and used it to gain trust and respect f…

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