NFL expansion

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NFL expansion

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The debate on whether to expand the National Football League has brought about very heated debates.
Expanding the league would lead to an increase in the injuries.
The National Football
Main point
A The NFL games are a source of entertainment and recreation to many.
1. Most of the games normally take place on Sundays.
2. Fans would receive the increasing number of games positively.
3. Chances of qualification would be widespread but just the same with 16 games to play.
Main point.
B. The value of pre-season would deteriorate.
1 .Nobody would turn a critical attention to pre-season games
2. Coverage of the initial stages would be poor.
3. Coverage of the initial stages would also be poor.
Main point
C. Football games attract people’s attention to a large extent.
1. NFL games are actively reported by most television networks in the country.
2 Media would not be able to fully cover the games if increased.
3. The game would lose significant eyes of the media.
Main point.
D. Other sporting events take place within the duration of NFL.
1. This events have an immense number of fans
2. More time given to the league at the expense of other sports.
3. Would discriminate against other sports.
Main point.
E. The higher the chances of injuries.
1. More time will now be spend on courts and fields.
2. Vig…

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