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Academic writing is an essential skill that one must develop especially in higher institutions of learning. For one to succeed in the competitive world, one must have the ability to communicate your ideas in a clear and convincing way. Furthermore, the quality of work required in college and university requires you to have excellent writing skills. It is not enough to comprehend course material and summarize it during assignments and exams. One is expected to thoroughly engage with the elements by reflecting on them, analyzing them, critiquing, and drawing conclusions. I will employ various strategies to advance my scholarly writing skills.
One of the strategies I would use is writing to the level of the intended audience. Majority of academic writing is intended for well-informed or highly educated people who have some information about the topic of discussion. Therefore, it is advisable to go straight to the point and avoid wasting time with the reader on information they already know. Another strategy I would use is providing supporting evidence with academic arguments. Another approach is getting straight to the point. This establishes the topic for the reader. I would also take a stand in my work. This involves presenting a thesis statement along with persuasive argument to support the hypothesis (Diezmann, 2005).
Academic writing requires a lot of resources because of the extensive research involved. Som…

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