New Teacher Induction and Mentoring

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New Teacher Induction and Mentoring

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New Teacher Induction and Mentoring
New Teacher Induction and Mentoring
Induction and mentoring programs provide significant support to the development and growth of teachers and enables them to make a remarkable impact on students. Additionally these programs present an opportunity for the district to identify an effective teacher who can perform leadership roles as mentors in their schools or district. Induction and mentoring programs are also key in supporting a school culture that is built on shared responsibilities and constant professional development for the benefit of all students.
Teacher induction and mentoring programs are largely meant to provide new educators with a local guide. However, the particulars and approach of these programs varies from school to school. The approaches may vary regarding duration and intensity. In some schools, they approach these programs as a single meeting between a mentor and the educator at the beginning of the year. Whereas in others it is a highly structured approach involving regular meetings over some years between the educator and the mentor and in this case time is provided away from their normal teaching schedule for such meetings (Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 2015).
Approaches can also vary according to the number of new educators that are there to serve a particular school. In some schools, the program includes any new educator, including those with…

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