New puppy first day at home

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New puppy first day at home

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But he looked like he was happy, but was he? That bright and secure glance, nothing was a bother. Not just an inception into a new family but another family away from the biological family. Yes, a new family, a new home but will it really give the satisfaction he most desired.
I looked at the at the puppy as it got acquainted with the new environment, everything was subtle, curiosity full of him. What could definitely keep him from exploration? Perhaps nothing. He thought of the best company he could enjoy with the new beings around.
Or maybe, the solitary old life of being locked in the chain and living the dark, with no friend and not another sound apart from echoes emanating from him barking.
Lean puppy seemed to have been weary for eternity. Energetic now with perspirations and new zeal of life. Ready to have new companion and playmate. A new life that lacked everything in the prior experience.
I took a tennis ball and called the puppy. Threw the tennis ball away. Could this be the initiative for the never-ending relationship?
A wagging tail whenever I threw the tennis ball followed by a run like no other. It reached the ball before it could even halt. What was faster? Bring it back with a jitter decorated in its face. A sign of love appreciated by everyone (Almiron 199).
Delighted fetching the ball and running all around. A friend to everyone and an enemy to non. Curling its tail on our laps, that feeling. …

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