Neuromorphic Computing

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Neuromorphic Computing

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Neuromorphic computing
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Neuromorphic computing
Neuromorphic computing is an emerging field of technology which integrates human brain activities with electronic circuits, for providing viable outputs. In this mode of approach, huge VLSI systems (Very-Large-Scale-Integration) systems are integrated into the design. These systems implement electronic circuits (analogue circuits based on Boolean operations) to mimic the neural pathways present in the nervous system of human beings. Presently, research in neuromorphic computing is being carried out with analog, digital and mixed-mode systems. These systems are implemented to simulate and mimic behaviors related to perception, motor function and multi-sensory integration phenomenon (Monroe, 2014).
Oxide-based memristors, threshold switches, and transistors have been devised in the hardware systems to associate human anatomical model of the nervous system. The success of neuromorphic computing depends on the understanding and implementation of knowledge regarding the arrangement of neurons and their connections in the brain of a human. Such knowledge would be helpful to understand the functional characteristics of various neural pathways in sending and responding to stimulus ( Pickett, Medeiros-Ribeiro, &Williams, 2012).
It would include the cognitive capacities, the capacity of the brain to make complex calculations, the learning functions (acquiring new kn…

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