Network Embeddedness

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Network Embeddedness

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Network Embeddedness
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Embeddedness is a description of the networks of entrepreneurs within a given context. The social context does have an essential role in the growth and sustenance of networks amongst entrepreneurs. However, there still exists a minimized comprehension of the influence of the contexts within which the network behaviours and embedders of entrepreneurs occurs. Embeddedness is both a rational and structural property in all communication structures. The actors are integrated within interconnected relations of social networks that go through a set of opportunities as well as constraints in comparison to those who do not have the same connections. The features of a social relationship between the actors are also meant to serve as imperfect substitutes for the assurance that is provided money within an economic system. The rational exchange is also a method by which the relational norms exist amongst the actors. Rational instruments of embeddedness include commitment, mutuality, flexibility, trust, harmonized conflict, integrity and power restraints ((Uzzi, 1997)).
The lens of embeddedness can be used to explore the methods by which networking is meant to occur in a multinational context. Long lasting relationships develop with a certain number of counterparts. These relationships develop through the interaction and exchange processes that a certain frim may have with other counterparts as they gradually learn to …

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