Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

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Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

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Conflict affects individuals or groups in different organizations. Conflicts cannot be completely eliminated in the organization. However, strategies can be implemented to help in managing them. This paper discusses a conflict that occurred in Radiant Hospital where nurses complained of a delay in shift changeovers. The night shift team complained of delays caused by the teams that come in the morning. The conflict has been identified as an inan intergroup conflict because it affects the units of nurses. The paper has then discussed the four stages of the conflict that include latent, perceived, felt, and manifest conflict. The paper has then identified two strategies that can be used to resolve the conflict. One strategy that can be used to resolve the conflict is negotiation. The nurse leader should bring all the teams together and discuss ways of resolving the conflict. Another strategy that can be used in resolving the conflict is through the development of a strict changeover schedule. The nurse leader should supervise its implementation to ensure that each team follows it. The nurse leader also needs to create an allowance of thirty minutes to allow the nurses to change the shifts. The paper has then concluded that conflicts can be managed effectively if they are resolved in the first stage and addressed.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are part of any profession. Therefore, it is essential to have conflict resolution strategies to …

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