Negative Sentences

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Negative Sentences

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The age of the child in this case is the age of puberty, which is occasioned by some rebellion amidst self-awareness.
Question one
Negative sentence: Look at the dirty footprints you put on my clean kitchen floor. You never consider how hard I work.
Positive sentence: I kindly request you to consider the effort I put in keeping the kitchen floor clean. I hope you do not mind correcting on that? Thank you
Question two
Negative sentence: You are the sloppiest person. Just look at your room.
Positive sentence: Would you kindly take note of the status of your room? The conditions there would seem to define you differently from how responsible I know you are, and can be.
Question three
Negative sentence: If you don’t start doing your share around here, I’m going to cut your allowance.
Positive: I think we both have to rethink on how to pay your allowances henceforth, regarding the unperformed work assigned to you, which I kindly believe is the fairest way to go about the issue.
Question four
Negative sentence: take the garbage out this minute and no back talk, young man.
Positive sentence: would you please assist with taking the trash out? That would be very noble of you as a young man.
Question five
Negative sentence: Now, do you think that was a nice thing to say about your friend? You should learn to treat your friends the way you want to be treated.
Positive sentence: I take absolutely no offence in how you perceive y…

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