Negative Effects of Steriods

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Negative Effects of Steriods

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Negative Effects of Steroids
The steroid is form of medical treatment and comes in the form of anabolic steroids and corticosteroids. The common and most controversial is the anabolic steroids that have a characteristic behavior of male hormones as shown in (DeNoon para 1, 2005). They are commonly abused by athletes to build muscle; they are medically prescribed to treat muscle degeneration on people suffering from AIDs. For boys who exhibit delayed puberty, they are treated with steroids to induce the development to puberty stage. The use of steroids is not illegal only if it has been prescribed by a doctor. Corticosteroids are used for the treatment of allergies and some autoimmune disorders. They are not controversial since they are not used to gain muscles. For this reason, they are not easily abused since they are only useful for medical treatment as indicated in (DeNoon para 12005). For instance in the treatment of pain and inflammations that have been caused by insect bites, cortisone is a common corticosteroid used. For enlargement muscle case, during a physical work out the muscle tear and while repairing they grow larger and stronger supported by the male hormones. The steroids do the same as male hormones, but the outcome is better and with a short period. The use of steroids has more negative effectives than the positive results.

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There are many types of steroids that come in different forms but…

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