negative effects of homework to college students revised

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negative effects of homework to college students revised

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Negative Effects of Homework to College Students
In most colleges worldwide homework is considered a major part in the learning process with the intention of guiding the students and maintaining discipline. There is no learning institution where students are not assigned homework for it is considered a part of the learning process. Homework is mostly described as any type of work that instructors in the respective colleges assign to students to cover during their free time or non-school hours away from school. Homework is mostly given to students to enable them to understand a topic deeply that has already been covered in class or will be covered in the next class where there are given a topic and told to research it and present a well-researched research paper or a report(Astin, 1993). Although Homework is considered positively in learning, it has its own side effects on the students.
Negative effects of homework
The negative effects of Homework includes the following(Wachtel,1998):
Sleep deprivation
Even though homework is supposed to actively engage the student in learning. An excessive amount of homework given to the students leads to sleep deprivation where students spend a lot of time trying to complete their homework before going to bed. After a few hours of trying to complete the homework, the students becomes mentally tired and loses concentration where he or she now starts to try to get it done…

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