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Needs and want

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Economic theory

Economic theory
Every individual has various necessities in their life and therefore, to reach to the particular needs, different strategies should exist in place. For instance, the understanding of the economic trend and the identification of multiple opportunities provides a base for the attainment of the different needs. Therefore, realization from this work reveals how economic concept or thesis will assist me through the process of attaining the need to be rich in the society.
Solow-swan theory involves a scheme connected economic development through an extended duration. With the ideology, the illustration presents a series of capabilities that form part of the development of a system. Therefore, becoming rich demands for the knowledge on how to understand the transitions. For example, understanding that population growth can affect the productivity of a business, concentrating on the available resources for business will help me to develop a strategic business that will succeed and raise my living status. Moreover, technological involvement through the company as from the theory will enhance the productivity of my business and through the increase in the profit through a given period, I will be able to be rich in the society.
The other important element that is necessary from the economic theory involves the interpretation and understanding of the economic trend will help me to build strategies that expand the bu…

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