Nature vrs Nurture

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Nature vrs Nurture

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Criminal Behavior
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Audio Review on Criminal Behavior
For this audio review, I selected an audio podcast that was aired by Air Hustle. The audio is a recording of Mr. Ross, a convict at San Quentin (Woods & Williams, 2017). Mr. Ross grew up in Los Angeles and had been serving 30 years in San Quentin prison by the time his testimony was taken in 2017. Ross was 19 years old in 1985 when he was arrested and later convicted. Ross joined a local gang when he was barely a teenager. The gang made him feel like he was part of something big. He was influenced by his peers and was frequently arrested for initiating fights, stealing cars, and purses. He later progressed to harder crimes which got him arrested and convicted.
The discussion on nature vs. nurture in criminal behavior is concerned with the degree to which certain factors, genetic or learned, influence criminal activity. According to the interview, the person in question was brought up in a decent family, which indicates a lack of genetic influence on his criminal behavior. However, Ross indicates that his social environment had a significant impact on his attitudes and behavior. A person’s social environment is capable of influencing behavior. The social environment consists of social interactions, physical surroundings, and culture. The factors have the potential to mold personal behavior (Glenn, & Raine, 2014). According to the interview, Ross joined a local gang at 13 years…

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