Naturalists in Ecotopia / Balboa Park in San Diego

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Naturalists in Ecotopia / Balboa Park in San Diego

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Balboa Park in San Diego
Balboa Park is a beautiful cultural oasis that consists of 17 museums, tranquil garden, and the famous San Diego Zoo. It is the most significant cultural park in North America. It is located in 1,200 acres of land just next to the San Diego hotels. It is a place that has a rich history which is illustrated through the fantastic architecture, arts, and cultural events taking place all over the year. Balboa has a fascinating history, and it goes along with the history of San Diego. More than 150 years ago, the local leader decided to take brave steps and establish 1,400 acres of land in downtown San Diego to launch a park. The leaders wanted to create an iconic park that would benefit its citizen for many years to come. San Diego is the second city in the United States to have a large urban park after New York.
Balboa Park includes numerous centers and attractions such as museums, gardens, nature walks, and cultural centers. Furthermore, the park has undertaken efforts to conserve the environment through various initiatives. The vital program is the Balboa Park Conservancy created by 2011. The main reason for the non-profit organization to raise funds, create awareness of the park, and to work together in conjunction with the Park`s shareholders to deal with sustainability and accessibility needs. The Balboa Park Conservancy was formed to deal with a backlog of deferred mainte…

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