Natives in the American Revolution

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Natives in the American Revolution

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Natives in the American Revolution
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Which tribes opted to side with the Americans?
The group that was fighting for Americans included the Oneida, and Tuscarora community who had been Christian converts under the influence of Samuel Kirkland. Massachusetts the tribe of Christians that comprised of Stockbridge supported Americans under captain Daniel Nimham (Ojibwa, 1). They fought against the British in the battle of White Plains. Most of Indians supported Americans however they never gained anything.
Which opted to side with the British?
Some of Indian Nations who were in the East of Mississipi River sided with the British. Four of six nations that include Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, as well as Onondaga declared openly that they are willing to support British and fight for them (Ojibwa, 2).
What were the reasons behind these choices?
The main reasons for forming alliances to support the British or Americans by Native Americans were due to differences in political, economic, and social interests affecting indigenous people. The lack of political representation, lack of quality services such as healthcare, continued political deprivation and attacks as well as the need for support in struggling for preservation if resources such as land, identity and cultural heritage (Ojibwa, 3).
In your opinion, which tribes made the best choice for themselves and why?
Oneida and Tuscarora tribe made the best choices because they acquired recognition. …

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