Nationalism Composers

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Nationalism Composers

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Nationalism Composers
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Nationalism Composers
Music is a powerful tool for communication. Nationalistic music emerged to emphasize the political thoughts of the people of a particular nation. It employed rhythms, operas, poems, and folk songs as a medium of expressing a people’s thoughts on matters State. This paper looks at composers who excelled in this and looks at comparisons to today’s music.
Explain how any two composers demonstrated nationalism
Pyotr Tchaikovsky is a Russian nationalistic composer that lived from 1840-1893. His work, not only reflected the Russian nationality but also showed his recognition for the importance of maintaining the European standards of quality in music (Taruskin, 2011). For this reason, he does not receive recognition from modern composers after him. However, he bridges Russian music to international scene aiding composers such as Igor Stravinsky to shine globally.
Giuseppe Verdi is an Italian who unified the nation through his operas. He is also a member of parliament and a staunch supporter of unifying Italy. According to Taruskin, Italy was united only with a common language, nothing more (2011). However, Verdi’s composition; Arias, became an anthem that showcases Italian nationhood.
Which one do you think is most effective in showing nationalism?
In this perspective, Giuseppe Verdi is effective in showing what nationalism really means. According to Taruskin, I…

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