National Incident Based Reporting System

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National Incident Based Reporting System

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Question 1
One of the reasons why field notes are important is that they are more reliable. It is not easy to forget certain details when they are properly written down. This is as opposed to reliance on memory. Second, field notes eliminate the need to contact the victims again for clarifications. The details are already written, cannot be forgotten and hence there will be no need to contact the victims and witnesses again (Bennett, Hess & Orthmann, 2007). Third, if the investigators forget certain details, they can always refer to the notes. In other words, they are a source of reference. Forth, important facts and details from the crime scene can be recorded and can be retrieved at any time for use in a court of law. Therefore, they enable the investigator to give a strong testimony towards the case.
Question 2
Who- this question seeks to understand the people who were involved in the crime- including the victims and perpetrators
What – this is the question that seeks to understand what went on. The events that took place at the scene are explained.
Where – the question helps in discovering the location or the scene where the crime took place and where the victims could be reached. It also seeks to the answers on where evidence can be retrieved from
When – the question helps to discover the time when the crime was committed, reported and when the people involved were either apprehended or last seen.
How- It seeks an explanation regarding how the crime w…

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