National Defense and Homeland Security

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National Defense and Homeland Security

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Part I
Itemizing the key decisions in budget simulation and a brief summary
The first decision is the replacement of some of the military workforce with civilian employees (Option 15). This decision will help the nation to save $19 billion. Data from the Department of Defense indicates that thousands of military personnel who are work in support jobs perform jobs that can be done by civilians. These jobs are performed in military units. They neither deploy overseas for combat nor do they involve any functions that can pose personal or national security concern. The option seeks to replace 70,000 uniformed military personnel in commercial jobs with 47,000 civilian employees. The reduction in cost is due to basically because only a few civilians would be required in replacing a specific number of military personnel. Civilians do not have many collateral duties, and also, they do not rotate among positions as in the case with military personnel. (Rubin & Irene pg 104)
The cost involved in employing a civilian is much less compared to that used to employ a military service member. Proponents argue that employment of civilians would enhance efficiency. Few workers would be used and yet yield the same quality and quantity that could be offered by military personnel. The civilians do not also require a lot of job-specification training since they would not be subjected to frequent transfers that are evident in the military service…

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